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February 14th, 2004

Someone at the web site Professor Pollkatz’s Pool of Polls (and Auto Supply, I suppose) has, despite the goofy name, done a great job of taking the polls tracking Bush’s approval and disapproval numbers over the past three years. Fourteen different polls were taken to make the chart. Earlier, I posted about Bush’s poll numbers and noted that they indicated a natural state of descent, checked only by special events of note. This new chart only confirms that fact. Aside from 9/11, the Iraq War, and the capture of Saddam Hussein, Bush’s numbers have fallen consistently; only those events have brought his numbers up over time.

Which has gotten people to start asking, what kind of October Surprise is Bush planning? He has to know what the numbers are doing, and you can imagine Karl Rove is planning something big. At the very least, word must get out: something big happens to hike Bush’s ratings within a month or so of election, it is very likely that event was planned. When people expect that, it will have less impact, not to mention less chance of happening.

On other notes, Bush’s National Guard woes still keep on building. The White House still refuses to release all of Bush’s records, breaking Bush’s recent promise and making him a liar. Bill Burkett tells the rather convincing story, which he documented at the time when Bush was governor of Texas, that Bush’s records were “cleansed” by the Texas Guard so as not to incriminate him. Several people back him up and/or testify to his credibility. A flying buddy of Bush’s from Texas stood up to testify on Bush’s behalf, writing a letter to the editor of the Washington Times, but when the letter is dissected, it shows that Campenni has no knowledge of whether Bush went AWOL or not. Additionally, it turns out Campenni might even be lying about where he served. And even if not, his letter does nothing more than say that according to procedure, Bush probably did what he was supposed to–but the problem with that is, Bush didn’t follow standard procedure. He got preferential treatment. Like when he enlisted, and told the guard his criminal record (two arrests we knew about, but also two speeding tickets, and, interestingly, two car accidents we never heard of before), he apparently did not have to get a waiver–which anyone else would have had to do. So just because Bush got paid and honorably discharged does not actually mean he fulfilled his duties. And though one person stepped forward to say Bush was serving in Alabama, that person claims positive knowledge of “at least six” drills Bush attended–though his recent records show he did no more than four. And, oh yeah, this guy is a “staunch Republican.” Surprise. And this is in contrast to two men from the same Alabama unit who said they were looking for Bush but could never find him there.

Good lord, it is a morass, but there is more, and more and more, every day. Read Calpundit to stay up on the issue.

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