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All That Can Happen in a Week, And Yet

October 27th, 2008

Wow. While Obama is off seeing his sick grandmother, a Republican strategist criticizes him for flying his jet to see “grandma.” Meanwhile, McCain-Palin, basing their campaign (that is, the small part of it not dedicated to attacking Obama) on cutting wasteful spending, reveal that the campaign spent $150,000 on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe and make-up, and her beautician is the highest-paid staffer on the campaign. Plain claims that anyone who attacks her on that is sexist. Then the “diva” Palin starts to “go rogue”–according to McCain-Palin loyalists and campaign staffers.

Meanwhile, McCain makes some flubs, some simply amusing, at least one obscene (it’s happened before), while his brother calls 911 to complain about traffic and then cusses at the operator.

A psychologically troubled McCain supporter fakes a story about a black Obama supporter who viciously attacks her, and the McCain campaign starts pushing a sensational version of the woman’s story to the news services.

And now we hear that staffers for the McCain campaign are starting to put their names out in the job market, calling businesses for jobs as campaign leaders begin forming a “circular firing squad,” positioning themselves to avoid the blame for the expected loss.

But hey, the GOP is making up for it–by emailing 75,000 Jewish Pennsylvania residents and warning that voting for Obama will lead to a second Holocaust.

With all this happening and with Obama ahead by 7-10 points in the polls just ten days before the election, you’d think that we Obama supporters would be pretty confident–even giddy–about Obama’s chances. But then, if you’ve been a Democrat for the past eight years, you know why we’re not. After one election that was definitely stolen and another that may have been, after eight years of dirty tricks, smear campaigns, fake terror alerts, and electronic voting machines made by Republican party chairs that have no paper trails and mysteriously malfunction almost exclusively in favor of the Republican candidates… well, let’s just say that we’ll celebrate when the deed is done. I have some friends who are deeply suspicious that we’re heading for yet another stolen election, and they are not completely without cause in worrying over such “conspiracy theories.”

Me, I think that GOP leaders may welcome at least four years of Obama–now that we’re headed into a desperate spiral of economic doom–if for no other reason than that they need to be able to blame someone else for their blunders and wait a few years for the public to forget what criminals they are.

I foresee an Obama win–followed by four years of non-stop smear campaigns that’ll make the McCain campaign seem like a session with Stuart Smalley. I hope I’m wrong, but I too have seen too much to be complacent.

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  1. Tim Kane
    October 27th, 2008 at 17:11 | #1

    I think the economic collapse is going to put the cabash on the non-stop complaining about Obama from the right.

    I think the other side of Jan. 20th will make the last 8 years look worse and worse, as we pull away from them and gain perspective.

    Eventually the policies will look exactly like those that created the last great melt down beginning in 1929. On top of that, there was the currency jolt of Nixon, the Black Friday and Savings & Loan mess from Reagan Bush I and now the Subprime Mega Quake. Everyone is going to realize that everyone else suffered while a few made billions and billions (the top .01%’s income went up 500% while the medium family income went down 5% or more).

    I see already that the exceedingly arrogant, yet tragically wrong Neocons are trying to make the case that the Dems shouldn’t be allowed a monopoly in government because then we’ll see an explosion in government. Nice try fellas. Their policies have been a complete disaster and their trying to suggest that Democratic monopolies are the other side of midnight. What they are really hoping for is Bob Dole’s famous early 1990s obstruction of Hillary care. There thinking is, if they can obstruct progress again, they may live to have another day. There real fear is that Obama will run the government and politics every bit as good as he’s run his campaign. A successful Obama first term might discredit Republicans for a generation (20 years) or more. Dems can point to the go go Clinton years and recovering Obama years and contrast that to the fear mongering, corrupt and collapsing Bush years – and all the instability the Republicans have created while being on the take for themselves.

    The neocons are like the guy in the canoe who just realized that there’s a giant waterfall ahead, and are paddling like made to keep from going over. Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of guys.

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