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Voter Fraud Queen

January 12th, 2009

Voter fraud does exist, just not in the massive numbers right-wingers are trying to claim it does. But when it is found, guess who is often found to be the culprit? Right-wingers, and more than once, ones with more than just a party membership card to their wingnut credentials. (Can you say “projection”?) This, of course, is distinct from the massive Republican election fraud that takes in the form of rigged voting machines or attempts to disenfranchise thousands of Democratic voters.Coulterguilty

Back in 2005, Ann Coulter fraudulently listed the wrong address on a voter registration form, a federal felony, and was spared the penalty only after a friend in the FBI illicitly got her case thrown out. Just this year, Mark Jacoby, head of a voter registration group hired by the California Republican Party, also committed fraud on his voter registration form.

And just now, we are hearing news of yet another case of a Republican committing voter fraud. The funny part: it’s Ann Coulter again, who appears to have fraudulently claimed to be living in Connecticut when she was actually living in New York.

Better put that FBI friend of yours on speed dial, Ann.

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