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April 2nd, 2004

Last month was a record-breaker, with The BfAD going past 6000 visitors (I got 10,000 one month last year, but that was due to a very unusual link-in from macsurfer), with an average of 425 unique visitors per day. Eyelid twitching and gyoza recipes remain among the most popular, but my extensive review of Matrix Revolutions (212 views) and my special page detailing Bush’s sordid past got heavy traffic as well.

And now I seem to be getting a huge amount of traffic from my bits about Air America Radio; the stats aren’t in on that yet, but I’m getting lots of comments, and somehow I’m #1 on Google for the search “Air America radio Blog.” Cool.

UPDATE: Okay, here’s an interesting one. My blog post, titled “Air America Radio”, has been getting lots of comments from people who seem to think that it is actually the official blog for Air Americaa Radio. Someone asked if Sam and Janeane were reading the post now (who knows, maybe!), and 9 others followed with praise and commentary. This is a little surreal.

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  1. April 2nd, 2004 at 13:52 | #1

    you mean to tell me… that you’re NOT Al Franken??! oh my god! and to think of all the time i’ve spent reading this site… hehe.

  2. Pat Elleven
    April 2nd, 2004 at 22:18 | #2

    Heya, I posted a link re: Air America Radio on the Democrats Abroad Japan blog. I’m SURE! that’s what’s been driving the traffic–since the DAJ blog has SOooo many readers. Congratulations on reaching the 6000 mark, Al.


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