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What Health Insurance Is About

October 23rd, 2009

More warm and fuzzy news about the kind, sweet people at health insurance companies, this time about how they are abusing rape victims. The short version: a woman who was raped took anti-HIV medication as a precaution. Result: she is now uninsurable, as the insurance companies don’t want to risk taking on someone who might have AIDS. The message: if you get raped, don’t try to prevent HIV or else you’ll be uninsurable.

I thought that the whole idea of insurance was to spread out the cost of health care by having healthy and unhealthy people covered. The healthy people cover the excess costs of the unhealthy people, on the chance that they might someday join the ranks of the unhealthy. What an idiot I am–it’s not about something stupid like that. Rather, it’s about insuring only healthy people and taking the excess as profits. What was my addled Socialist brain thinking?

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