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It Works!

September 27th, 2004

I can’t believe it, I got a one-shot solution to blog comment spam. At least for now…

I followed instructions laid out on other web sites to write an .htaccess file in the root directory–just a simple 4-line script in a text file uploaded to the main folder on my site, designed to block access to the Movable Type comment script file. And where I had been getting as many as a hundred spams per day, in the last four days I have gotten a grand total of two, both blocked by MT-Blacklist. Let’s hope it holds!

The script is available on the net, but if you’d like to know what it is (I’d rather not post it here) to use on your site, just comment (using any URL to block the email address from being visible) and I’ll email it to you.

Now to see if I can’t get rid of that blasted referrer spam…

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