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Kerry is really hitting Bush

October 1st, 2004

Kerry is really hitting Bush on every point, and while he is busy taking notes behind the podium while Bush speaks, Bush just sits there looking around while Kerry speaks.

Bush quotes figures in his rebuttal about how much he’s spent on homeland security, and many will buy it–but very little analysis should show that these are not as significant as Bush is making them look. You can talk about how much money we spend, but the real point is how much new money is coming through, and is it enough?

Bush just declared: “You better have a president who chases these terrorists down and bring them to justice,” while pounding the podium. What a setup–he cut and ran from Afghanistan!

Bush is absolutely on the defensive here, Kerry is getting his shots off against him. Bush just spent a few minutes trying to convince the audience how vital Iraq is for our freedom (really?).

Kerry is coming back with support for the troops, telling a personal story. Now Kerry seems a lot more relaxed, making his points more clearly than Bush; and Bush is sounding more tense and stumbling.

OK, now Bush just came out with a scripted reply: giving the wrong message to the troops by saying “help is on the way,” hitting Kerry for supporting the war.

Kerry just hit a home run: I spoke wrongly about my vote, but Bush invaded wrongly: which is worse? Bingo! Followed up with how Bush promised to plan and proceed cautiously, consult allies, and so forth, but then did not. He’s really doing well here, he’s hitting his stride. If he can keep this up, then he’ll definitely win this debate!

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