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Lies, Choices, and Tedium

October 6th, 2004

Cheney is spouting off numbers and statistics, ‘facts’ and claims at a furious rate. This will undoubtedly result in detailed lists of inaccurate and misleading statements laid out on blogs in the next days, but Cheney knows that if you make one lie, you’ll get nailed for it, but if you make a hundred small lies, people will not pay attention to them.

Ifill is asking about same-sex unions, which is further eroding my respect for her. Bring up a classic Republican chestnut, which the GOP set up as a distraction? Could she really find nothing else to bring up, no other issue? Good for Edwards for pointing out that the matter is purely a political tool, and that they should be focusing on real issues.

But one thing I have to say, this debate is not nearly as engaging as the Kerry-Bush debate. I feel my interest drifting away from time to time. I doubt too many people will come away from this with very strong feelings unless they had those feelings already.

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