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Dog Lover

February 1st, 2013 2 comments

This is apparently true: in Jackson, TN, a man had a cute little bulldog—no name or age given—and handed him over to the local Rabies Control shelter to be euthanized. Not because he was violent; by all accounts, he’s a sweet little pup. Not because he chewed or tore up the house. Not because the owner was allergic.

No, it was because the owner was an ignorant ass.

The owner, as it is reported, found his dog “hunched over” another male dog, humping. Concluding the dog was gay, he sent him to the shelter to be killed.

Now, a suspicious person might see that and believe that the story could have been made up in order to garner sympathy to save the dog’s life. Which is what it did, as countless Facebook users and many others flooded the shelter with calls, with numerous people and organizations volunteering to rescue the dog.

But I don’t know, the story has just the right ring of stupid to it.

No that there would be anything wrong with a gay dog, but any idiot knows that dogs will hump anythingpeople, people’s legs, other dogs’ legs, toys, cats, barnyard animals, dead animals… even birds. Yes, birds. Puppies hump. Female dogs hump. Pretty much all dogs hump, and they hump pretty much anything and everything. It’s a dog thing.

So, assuming the story is true, we have a man somewhere in Jackson, TN, who is both homophobic and stupid. But I repeat myself.

And, to be quite serious and honest, things worked out best for the dog.

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