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It’s a BUG, You Morons

November 25th, 2007

There’s a story getting play on TV news and around the Internet about a fuzzy blue shape that appeared on a security monitor tape at a gas station in Parma, Ohio. Awed witnesses who saw the video were convinced they were seeing angels or a ghost, and started talking about Indian burial grounds and such stuff.

Sometimes I wonder if a sizable chunk of the American population isn’t terminally stupid. A quick look at the video makes it so perfectly clear that it’s a bug crawling on the camera lens that the reactions these people display look pitifully clueless. It’s a testament to how people will so quickly believe what their superstitions lead them to. I mean, images of the Virgin Mary are stupid enough, but this?

And it’s not the first time. This June, a security camera outside a Santa Fe courthouse that showed what to me was clearly a small spider crawling across the lens–but again, people broke out in hysteria, claiming that it was a ghost or something. Of course, it was just a bug.

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