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Yet Another Attempt to Stop F-9/11

June 25th, 2004

Yet another conservative action groups, this one called “Citizens United,” yet again tried another tack in trying to stifle or stop Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 from being seen. This time, they’re trying to bend election law to their advantage.

They’re claiming that ads for F-9/11 which picture Bush would violate an FEC law that corporations cannot take out political ads 30 days before a convention and 60 days before an election. Fortunately, even if that tactic is successful, it would only limit 9/11 ads after July 31st, more than a month after its general release, and it would only mean that Bush’s image would have to be cut out. It might, however, hurt DVD sales of the film, due out in October.

However, this is yet another example of the right wing going to any and every length imaginable to stop people from seeing this film–and frankly, I believe it is doing not much else than giving the film even more PR and sending even more people to the theaters–not to mention bolstering the morale of liberals, who see all of these attacks as signs of desperation on the right wing. If so many conservative feel they have to work so hard at nearly hopeless attempts to stops a few people from seeing the film, then they are very likely very, very worried about the effect this film could have.

So, what’s next? They going to stand outside theaters like they do at abortion clinics and rant and scream at every patron going in?

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  1. dveej
    June 25th, 2004 at 14:02 | #1

    Did you read that the Carlyle Group just recently purchased Lions Gate?
    Conspiracy theory? We need another word for this stuff. “Evildoing” springs to mind…or “nefarious underhanded self-serving mendacious uncaring destructiveness”…. or perhaps “Republicanism.”
    Yeah, THAT’S it!

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