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The Simpsons: The Movie

April 2nd, 2006

You knew it was inevitable. OK, so it’ll be like a TV episode, but maybe four times longer. Nevertheless, it’s a fun idea, albeit more than a year away. This report, from MSNBC, of the teaser trailer that is being shown at the start of Ice Age 2:

The animated 25-second clip opens on a giant superhero S. “Leaping his way onto the silver screen,” intones a narrator, “the greatest hero in American history!” Cut to Homer Simpson sitting on his couch in his tighty whities. “I forgot what I was supposed to say,” he says. The narrator continues, “ ’The Simpsons Movie,’ coming to the screen, July 27, 2007.” “Uh, uh,” says Homer, “we better get started.”

By the way, no foolin’–this does not seem to be an April Fool’s Day gag, as far as I can tell. Unlike Google’s new product.

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  1. Anony
    July 24th, 2006 at 02:23 | #1

    The leaked plot reads:”Homer causes an incident at the plant which causes the water to be spoilt,therefore Erin Brokvich guest staaring,after the incident Homer gets fired and the majority of the citezens move away to start new lives”.

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