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Canary Obligations

November 20th, 2006

This is weird. I have a blog entry from December 2003 where I put up some photos of my dad’s canaries. I made no claims about canary expertise, and made it clear that they were not my canaries. And yet, since then, I have been getting comments from people–most from people with Arabic-sounding names–asking for canary stuff, as if I were a canary go-to guy or something. The comments include:

THANK U.   [“Masoud”]

visit [my] site and write me a letter showing me where the canaries live.    [“Meshari”]

Please send me picture and article Kingstroat and Backsrtoat breedings, thank’c (Indonesia)   [“Anjar Siswanto”]

My canary is sick. I’m to give him 3cc of liquid antibiotic two times a day. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks! G   [“Georgianna”]

In the comments, I replied to these, saying that I know nothing about canaries, they are not mine, I don’t have regular access to them and so on. But the weird comments keep on coming. Just a few minutes ago, another came in from “Rashid”:

hi please send me photo by canary
thanks you.

All part of the risks of blogging on random stuff.

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