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July 5th, 2008

Would someone please explain to me how McCain gets away with complete policy reversals,often within just a few weeks or months (drilling is/is not the answer, social security privatization, tax cuts, torture, etc. etc.–even flip-flopping ten times in two weeks) and the press completely ignores the multiple and radical 180-degree turns–and yet whenever Obama changes something (he calls it “refining”; and while that sounds too much like “evolving,” some say that Obama has a rational basis for his claim), like how he would handle the withdrawal from Iraq (when everyone suspected he would do this for a long time, so it’s hardly “news”), not a reversal but a modification at worst–suddenly the entire media goes into a frenzy about it?

Maybe he should throw them a barbecue or two and they’ll become tame lap dogs for him as well.

Late thought: is the media purposefully trying to turn Obama’s supporters against him? Seeing the effect his FISA decision had, are they not consciously playing up any news that suggests that he’s turning on his followers?

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  1. Tim Kane
    July 5th, 2008 at 05:35 | #1

    The media is owned by corporate and big money conservatives – remember what they did to Edwards – they simply ignored him.

    Beyond that, I can’t explain the complicity the media has for McCain.

    But all that is a known reality for Obama. He has to fight the media back using his own money media buys. A few adds on television showing all of McCains flip flops is all that is needed.

    But, I agian, state that Obama jumped the shark on the FISA and Campaign financing thing. He might have gotten away with one, but not both. He jumped the shark when he ran to far, to fast, to ‘the middle’. I think this was appropriate for Bill Clinton in 1992, in an obviosly conservative era. But this is 2008 and the policies of the ‘conservatives’ are stalling or failing all around us. The public is moving to the left already. He had double digit favorable polls.

    By moving to the Center Obama gives them nothing to move to. Their stuck with a choice that is Republican and a fickle Republican light. He doesn’t win votes by appearing to be republican light. The people he’s wooing will not vote for him, even if he tells them God, Guns and Small Government all day and all night.

    Politicians are salesmen. There are some people you aren’t going to sell. All the rest you should be appealing to with your ideas and your salesmanship. And the public is eager to buy something different! Reagan didn’t get elected saying he could be a better administrator of welfare. He sold people on the idea of getting rid of it. Because he’s a good salesman, they bought it.

    Face it. Obama is bungling the general election here in the early going. He ran a masterful campaign in the primary season, but he jumped the shark when he turned to the general election.

    I am sure that there is some purpose to what he’s doing. But it is highly disturbing. He’s doing largely what Democrats always do, Kerry in particular, he doesn’t want to offend the voter’s he’s trying to woo. As a result Bush got away with murder and Kerry never called him on it.

    There are some good things though: the public has a short memory, he has time to find his footing. Also, the swiftboating thing may be overplayed and losing it’s effectiveness. The press, once Obama cause them on it with his own media mocking McCain, might sober up and begin to behave more responsibly. To a certain extent, McCain may be using up all his bullets now. Also, gas keeps going up, its as if the Saudi’s are sick of the Neocons, and are voting with their control of the tap. Afghanistan is backsliding and the resources needed to reverse the trend are tied up in Iraq. The public is sick of Republicans, and quite aware that their policies don’t work.

    Obama doesn’t have to be the victim. Its his choice.

  2. stevetv
    July 6th, 2008 at 02:48 | #2

    That the media is overreporting some of Obama’s “modified” stances and underreporting McCain’s flip-flops is beyond dispute. But saying the media is trying to turn Obama’s supporter’s against him is unfair, as if voters are unable to make decisions of their own volition. Yeah, the Iraq flap is a crock. So is Wes Clark’s so-called “gaffe”. But a lot of other things that have come out are genuine reasons for concern. FISA was only the beginning. It was his comments on faith-based initiatives that dropped my enthusiasm several notches. Not to mention his recent comments on abortion and the death penalty. (Had he publicly taken a stance on the death penalty during the primaires? I certainly don’t recall.) How else is he going to court conservatives? Will he expand Bush’s Global Warming policy of denial? Get Intelligent Design in the classrooms?

    I supported Obama even though I never really felt he was any kind of true progressive. But a lot of folks did, or at least they felt he was the leading representative of Out-with-the-old, In-with-the-new. This gave new voters a reason to actually VOTE! If the shine tarnishes, they may stay home instead.

    I’m still all for him. I can swallow some concessions so long as he can keep the minimum wage going up, kickstart environmental programs and get a semblance of universal health care on track. But again… very disappointed.

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