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GOP asked Enron for $$ to Redistrict Texas

July 12th, 2004

That headline almost seems like it was written for a sensationalist rag, but that’s the story coming from the Washington Post. It seems that Tom DeLay, then the House Majority Whip, asked Enron to contribute $100,000 to:

…come from “a combination of corporate and personal money from Enron’s executives,” with the understanding that it would be partly spent on “the redistricting effort in Texas,” said the e-mail to Kenneth L. Lay from lobbyists Rick Shapiro and Linda Robertson.

The e-mail, which surfaced in a subsequent federal probe of Houston-based Enron, is one of at least a dozen documents obtained by The Washington Post that show DeLay and his associates directed money from corporations and Washington lobbyists to Republican campaign coffers in Texas in 2001 and 2002 as part of a plan to redraw the state’s congressional districts.


A GOP leader asked Enron to supply funds to allow them to take over the Texas legislature for the express purpose of redistricting the state in a non-census year for partisan political purposes.

Man, I hope the media doesn’t gloss over this one like they have so often before. This is a substantial pile of stinking muck that badly needs to be raked.

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