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The Credibility Shield

October 6th, 2004

There was just a bit of a scuff-up between the two, with CHeney insisting Edwards is not respecting Iraqi sacrifices, Edwards interrupting him denying it, Cheney interrupting right back and insisting it’s true. One thing about Cheney, he’s able to say anything you could imagine and look like he believes it one hundred and ten percent. He could say, “the tooth fairy abducted Elvis in a UFO” and come across looking absolutely convinced, credible, and that there is no question but that it is true; you have to switch on your skepticism full strength to look at his statements and see that they’re pure baloney.

Edwards is bringing up Halliburton, and Cheney’s response is basically, it’s a smokescreen and I don’t have time to argue about it. A perfect example of Cheney’s Credibility Field–pure BS, but he is relentless in insisting and acting like it’s God’s own truth.

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