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Post-Debate Impressions

October 6th, 2004

I think they’re going to call this one a draw. This will almost certainly not effect much. Both candidates had their own appeals, both attacked the other rather savagely, both defended themselves well. There were a few zingers in there, but also quite a bit of snooze time. As I mentioned before, your opinion may vary according to which personal style you prefer; it may also vary according to your prior expectations about who would win.

To repeat a prior concern, it really seemed to me that Ifill chose her answers more to the benefit of Cheney; I’ll have to read the transcript and see if that was really the case, or was I just imagining it. For example, she asked Edwards about his inexperience, but (unless I missed it) she did not ask Cheney about his health, just as cogent and roughly equivalent. She also asked about two issues which are Republican chestnuts: gay marriage and flip-flopping. Yes, she framed the flip-flopping question in the context of both candidates doing so, but it’s still a Republican attack point.

And now to see what spin prevails in the media…

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