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Polls and Clones

October 6th, 2004

That’s your view as a Republican. A poll of uncommitted voters at CBS found Edwards beating Cheney, 41% to 28%, with 31% calling it a tie.

Most outlets are quoting an ABC poll, which has Cheney beating Edwards 43% to 35% with 19% calling it a tie–but ABC did not interview uncommitted voters, and their sample had more Republicans in it by a ration of 38% to 31% for Democrats–a difference that almost exactly reflects the “higher” Cheney numbers for the poll. Real scientific there, ABC.

On another note, remember that Cheney claimed that he had never met Edwards before. Interesting. It must have been Cheney’s clone in this picture, taken in February 2001, when Cheney thanked Edwards by name in his introduction. Edwards also met Cheney in the Senate in January 2003. Wait a few days while people check through Senate records, and they’ll likely find a lot of other times they were both on the Senate floor.

Cheney also gave an interesting recount on how many times Kerry voted for tax hikes–Republicans have always said 350 times, but Cheney said 98, God alone knows the reasoning behind it, but that number still includes times Kerry voted for tax cuts which were not as low as Republicans wanted to go.

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