January 3rd, 2012

Now when I see headlines like Santorum surges in Iowa, How Slimy Is Santorum?, or Murdoch Tweets That He Likes Santorum Surge‎, I have to wonder if they’re double entendres.

However, it seems pretty obvious looking at all the headlines that the media is trying its best not to create headlines which could be giggled at in light of the candidate’s Google-bombed alternative definition.

Let’s face it, the most logical headline from Iowa in the past week should have been “Santorum Comes From Behind,” which this Catholic news site almost used. Had it been anyone else, it would have been the standard headline; as it was, nobody in the media used it except one guy in Pittsburgh, and that was intentional.

My guess is that the “Liberal” media is holding it in and keeping it clean until Santorum fades away, which they expect will be in a few weeks anyway. Though one has to wonder if they would ever bring it up out front.

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  1. January 3rd, 2012 at 19:08 | #1

    “Santorum Comes From Behind” and “the ‘Liberal’ media is holding it in” — good ones. Being from the Seattle area I’ve been reading Dan Savage for decades in the weekly The Stranger, and remember the Santorum campaign, very successful.

  2. Tim Kane
    January 4th, 2012 at 01:58 | #2

    That Catholic newspaper you link to says “In final lap Santorum Comes from behind” – my next question was, “who’s lap was he in?”

    Santorum is on the payroll of the Gaulieter of Wichita. Meanwhile, Murdoch had gotten conceded to Romney – but I’m sure he much rather have the Neocon candidate Santorum, except Santorum can’t win, so rather take a chance on getting some other idiot, I think they are behind Romney.

    I don’t think Romney would win but he has the best chance. In fact, I think, that if once Romney secured the Republican nomination, he swung to the left of Obama, he might have Obama cornered in a strategic sense. The guy has done so much flip flopping and survived, at some point he might get good at it. As the Republican candidate, those Republican/conservative votes will be sowed up unless Paul goes 3rd party, leaving Romney free to range far to the left. And while I’ll probably never ever vote for a Republican again, if he did say some things that I wanted to hear, like, basically, advocate for demand-side bias economic policies, I would certainly listen.

    I also think Obama has thought about this too, and I think he’ll counter a Romney move to the left with putting Hillary on the ticket, and sending Biden to the State Department. That means, almost all left and center left leaning women would be sowed up, leaving only a few left leaning males, and thus allowing Obama to range farther to the right in the campaign than he might have been able to other wise.

    Interesting stuff. None of it great, though.

  3. Troy
    January 4th, 2012 at 05:54 | #3

    I just find it funny that the candidate I’d even remotely even begin to consider any positives associated wrt my personal support is in dead last.

    This demonstrates how problem isn’t the GOP, it’s their screwy supporters.

    Fucked in the head, all but 3% of them (but even Huntsman is a horrible choice versus Obama).


  4. stevetv
    January 4th, 2012 at 13:06 | #4

    As they were following the Iowa caucus results, the MSM kept reporting that Santorum, Romney and Ron Paul were in a three-way for most of the evening.

    Beats campaigning, right?

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