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Even More Bits

January 27th, 2004

The New Hampshire primaries have begun. You know, something I really do not understand is why there is such a thing as an open primary. It just seems stupid to me. It allows members of one party to come in and vote for the least electable candidate of the other, something you can bet a lot of Republicans are doing today, since the Republican primaries are meaningless. So you’ll probably see more votes for Al Sharpton than can be accounted for by just Democrats; one can only hope that it doesn’t screw things up too much.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who railed at Bustamante in the California elections last year because Bustamante accepted $2 million from Indian tribes (before Arnold himself accepted millions from other special interests), is in bigger trouble: $4.5 million in bank loans, which he took out to save his campaign in the last critical days of the election, were illegal. Apparently, he may have to pay back the money from his own personal funds. But he gets to keep the election. That’s kind of like an arrested drug trafficker having to pay duty fees but he can keep the drugs. And it’s not like Arnold, who made tens of millions of dollars per movie, will really suffer to much. But by now we should all be used to Republicans stealing elections by committing illegal acts and then getting to stay in office. Who’s next?

Oscar nominations are out, and The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King is getting the nominations for pretty much the whole series. In a trilogy like this, you know they’ll save the big awards for after the whole thing is out. It’s nominated for eleven awards, most of them technical except for Best Picture, Directing, and Writing (Adapted Screenplay). The actors all got hosed–no nominations, though one could readily pick out several worthy of awards. With luck, the trilogy will come out with one of the big three awards. Don’t count on it, though–the industry has long looked down upon Science Fiction and Fantasy as being unworthy of notice. No SF or Fantasy film has ever won Best Picture or Director awards.

On a Japan note, Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation netted four nominations–Best Picture, Actor, Directing, and Original Screenplay. It’s a good flick, but don’t count to see too much plot or action–it has been accurately described as a “mood piece.” Still, I liked it enough–but then, a lot of the background is in a part of Tokyo I am very familiar with, so much of my interest was in that area.

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  1. January 28th, 2004 at 03:10 | #1

    The open primary really isn’t a bad idea. And New Hampshire’s is a modified open primary, so I believe it allows for independents to vote for a Democratic candidate, not Republicans. And I believe that’s a good thing…New Hampshire allows less well-funded candidates to compete against the entrenched ones (remember McCain?). As for the standard open primary, though, it works both ways — the Republicans are trying their best to change South Carolina from open to closed, so it doesn’t always work to their advantage.

    Incidentally I would like to have an open primary here because, although I am a registered Democrat, I would have voted for McCain in the primary and the general election.

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