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Mac Exploit?

October 4th, 2006

Kind of. If you hear news about a “Mac Exploit in the Wild” and they represent it as a reason to see Macs as an insecure platform, take it with the usual grain of salt. It’s not a virus, and the chances that anything will happen to your computer are pretty much zero.

What it is is a weakness that can only be taken advantage of by someone who has been granted access to the computer already, someone who has logged into your Mac with a password. The exploit allows this user to take full control of the computer, but the risk, really, only relates to the lack of trust you have in people who you have already trusted enough to give a password to log into your Mac in a limited manner. Not to mention that said person must have hacking skills. Needless to say, the chances of any of this happening to you are virtually nil.

Furthermore, the exploit has been patched by Apple’s latest security update, so even if there is a chance for you, it no longer exists.

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