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And the Results Are In

July 12th, 2004

At least according to NHK, the government (and therefore LDP-controlled) news station.

Party (Japanese Name) Prior Seats New Seats
Democratic Party (Minshuto) 38 50
Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) 51 49
Clean Governance Party (Komeito) 10 11
Independent / Other 5 5
Communist Party (Kyosanto) 15 4
Social Democratic Party (Shakai Minshuto) 2 2

As you can see, the big winners are the Democrats, but they took most of their wins from other opposition parties, primarily the Communists. The LDP lost two seats, but the Komeito won one extra, and so their coalition only lost one seat; quite discouraging. This probably means that the assault on Article 9 of Japan’s Constitution will continue.

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